Doctoral studies

Duration: 6 semesters
ECTS: 180
Language of instruction: Serbian

Drama and Audiovisual Arts

This doctoral programme in arts includes 8 modules: Acting, Theatre Directing, Dramaturgy, Film and Television Directing, Film and Television Production, Camera, Editing and Sound Design. Compulsory common subjects are Methods of artistic-research work, Method of analysis of performing arts, Techniques of writing a theoretical paper. There are also 7 elective subjects. The studies are finalised with practical realisation and defence of an art project (play, film, television project, sound or visual installation etc), with accompanying theoretical work.

Theory of Dramatic Arts, Media and Culture

This PhD programme is structured as a three-part comparative-thematic (dramatic arts, media and culture) and methodological-instructional system (lectures, exercises and research projects). Researches include four constitutive subfields – theatre, film, radio and television, perceived as dramatic arts and as media, whilst fitted into the field of contemporary (popular) culture in the context of textual and performing practices. From the third semester, a student does intensive research work under the supervision of a professor, and then independently as an elaboration of a Doctoral thesis.

Culture and Media Management

These PhD programme aims to educate theoreticians and experts for scientific research work in the domain of culture, art and media management. Students gain knowledge in the fields of the science of art, management, culturology and communicology fitted into compulsory and elective subjects in an interdisciplinary way. The framework of the study programme consists of three subjects: Contemporary Media Management, Contemporary Theatre Management and Management in Culture and Art. It also includes a group of methodological subjects. From the second year of studies, modularity offers the possibility of specialisation and the choice of a doctoral thesis from three fields – theatre, media and culture and art.