Doctoral studies

Doctoral studies in Fine Arts enable the highest level of education in the field of fine arts. The mission of this programme is to offer new knowledge and a new insight into the existing knowledge providing a comprehensive and thorough approach to the existing artistic tendencies, concepts, techniques and procedures. The programme allows painters, sculptors and graphic designers to be engaged in scholarly achievement at the highest level, thus providing the best quality staff in cultural institutions.

Doctoral studies in arts offer the same programme for all departments. Final work is an artistic project realised in the field of painting, sculpture, graphics or new media, an original work of art of high quality, available to public, confirming candidates’ mastery of artistic techniques and the skill to articulate their own poetics, realised as an exhibition, performance or a work in technological media. Besides practical realisation, it includes a written dissertation, which analytically explains all aspects of the creation. Final doctoral project should also represent the contribution to knowledge and understanding within artistic research.
Duration: 6 semesters
ECTS: 180
Language of instruction: Serbian