Master studies

The Master programmes in Fine Arts emphasize the development of a sustained artistic practice through experimentation and exploration of poetics and practices and intensive studio work and study. Independent studio work is supervised by chosen professors and supplemented by lectures and seminars in contemporary critical theory. The programme culminates in a graduate exhibition.
Duration: 2 semesters
ECTS: 60
Language of instruction: Serbian


In master studies, students continue to work on main and elective subjects, improving already gained knowledge and skills. Again, the practical work is most represented, poetics being the students’ choice, whereas professors’ tasks and corrections are brought to an individual level. Besides individual and teamwork, students gain competencies to work in primary and secondary schools, as well as in cultural institutions.


Master studies in Sculpture aim to broaden and deepen knowledge about the traditional and modern methods and inspire analytical and critical deliberation in order to encourage students to establish their own art poetics. In these studies, they gain competencies to create sculptures in traditional sculpture materials, as well as in a wider field within other casting techniques. Students are able to use the latest means of expression in visual arts and to respond to all requests of three-dimensional spatial concepts, from classical sculpture, outdoor art project in the exterior, to modern synthetic ways of expression.


The concept of Master studies in Graphics is to broaden and expand an individual visual language by encouraging students to develop their own art poetics in the sense of the personal iconography. During the first semester, particular emphasis is given to an improved mastery of all graphic techniques and completely professional relation to material and technology. In the second semester students choose the graphic technique which best corresponds to their concept of art.

New Media

The New Media programme explores a wide range of experimental artistic approaches, methodologies and cultural phenomena from the mid-20th century until today. It emphasizes blending of fundamental visual skills with creative research into the concepts, poetics and techniques of new media art. The curriculum features a suite of tutorial, production-based and theoretical courses and seminars.