Undergraduate studies

Undergraduate studies are focused on establishing the system of knowledge from an extensive range of fine arts. The programmes have the stronghold in students’ practical work. These programmes enable students for artistic practice and form the profile of graduates who will be directed towards further educational cycle, but also capable to act as future pedagogues.
Duration: 8 semesters
ECTS: 240
Language of instruction: Serbian


The Undergraduate programme in Painting provides students with the necessary level of knowledge to realise a work of art. They also gain pedagogical competencies owing to the adopted manipulative-technological skills. Besides technological basis, most classes are devoted to practical work. Through subjects such as Plastic Anatomy and Painting Technology students gain required professional knowledge which prepares them for more complex tasks. Other than drawing, students complete a one-semester course in sculpting, and study graphic techniques for two years. Upon the completion of the second year, students choose the painting class and a guiding professor as a part of shaping their poetics. A two-semester elective subject Transmedia Research is offered at the third year of studies.


This programme introduces students to the phenomenon of sculpture, primarily through practical work. Sculptural practice covers a wide area of distinct problems within the basic discipline of figure modelling within technological, casting, production and displaying methods in the creation and materialisation of three-dimensional sculptural forms. The goal of Undergraduate studies is to prepare experts for the individual work within the modern sculptural practice, as well as for the traditional and modern technological methods. Students are trained to independently create sculptures in traditional sculpture materials: stone, metal, wood and bronze, to respond to all requests of three-dimensional spatial concepts of classical sculpture, to complete the sculpting process from a conceptual design to realisation, individually or within the team.


The realisation of this programme through Undergraduate studies aims to educate students to recognise and use material, but also to freely create their own poetics based on comprehensive knowledge of the chosen medium. During the first two years of undergraduate studies, the programme at the Department of Graphics largely coincides with the programme of the Department of Painting, but with the increased number of classes. In the third year, students are encouraged to synthesise knowledge in the field of mastered graphic techniques through their individual poetics.

New Media

The New Media programme explores a wide range of experimental artistic approaches, methodologies and cultural phenomena from the mid-20th century until today. It emphasizes blending of fundamental visual skills with creative research into the concepts, poetics and techniques of new media art. The curriculum features a suite of tutorial, production-based and theoretical courses and seminars.