Since 1991, the program was called the International Summer Camp (ISC), and was held in Pirot. In 2001, the ISC was replaced by the Summer Art School (SAS) which evolved from the original concept. With the initiation of the decentralisation process in the field of art and culture, summer school began its journey by organising workshops in different towns and cities of Serbia.

2001 Novi Pazar
2002 Subotica
2003  Beograd
2004 Pančevo
2005 Mećavnik
2006 Pirot
2007 Užice
2008 Negotin
2009 Sremski Karlovci
2010 Resavica-Despotovac
2011 Niš-Sićevo
2012 Novi Bečej
2013 Tršić
2014 Prijepolje
2015 Smederevo
2016 Beograd