MA in International Performance Research – MAIPR

MAIPR is delivered by three international universities: the University of Warwick, United Kingdom, the Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, and the University of Arts in Belgrade, Serbia.

The programme has grown out of a prestigious Erasmus Mundus funding programme. MAIPR was launched in 2011 and in 2015-16 it runs for the final time. In 5 years of its existence, MAIPR gathered students from around the world. Future theatre and performance-related artists and others who have worked as directors, choreographers, curators, dancers and actors were given an opportunity to develop and enhance their theoretical knowledge about contemporary performance practices. Upon completion of the programme, a student is awarded a double diploma.

An important aim of the MAIPR is to introduce, develop and challenge the three concepts that make up the programme’s title: ‘International, ‘Performance’, and ‘Research’, both in national and in global context. The programme is taught entirely in English.
Duration: 3 semesters
ECTS: 90
Language of instruction: English

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Milija Gluhovic, PhD, University of Warwick
Silvija Jestrovic, PhD, University of Warwick

Prof Jim Davis, University of Warwick
Susan Haedicke, PhD, University of Warwick
Nadine Holdsworth, University of Warwick
Yvette Hutchison, PhD, University of Warwick
Tim White, PhD, University of Warwick
Nicholas Whybrow, PhD, University of Warwick
Milena Dragićević-Šešić, PhD, University of Arts Belgrade
Ivana Vujić, University of Arts Belgrade
Irina Subotić, University of Arts Belgrade
Branislav Dimitrijević, PhD, European University Belgrade
Brian Singleton, Trinity College Dublin
Melissa Sihra, Trinity College Dublin


Predrag Miladinović
Telephone: +381 11 2625 955