18. May 2023

Nenad Radić

University of Arts, Faculty of Music

Erasmus+ Mobility for teaching at

University of Montenegro, Music Academy in Cetinje

Dear colleagues,

I am happy to report that I had a great opportunity to take part in the Erasmus+ mobility program. This experience surpassed all my expectations. Organizing, technical support on both institutions (sending and receiving), and hospitality at Music Academy on Cetinje (Montenegro), everything was just perfect. I had a chance to meet new colleagues, to discuss Bologna process, teaching and learning methods and problems, to meet new students, share my knoledge with them. Students were thrilled by new perspectives and methods. During all 5 days they reported me how new “insight” already helped them and improved their practicing of piano, and understanding of music. Communicating with them was easy considering use of same language – serbian, but University of Montenegro provides a free study for all foreign students which allowed me to work with students from Turkey, Ukraine and Switzerland as well. It was a special pleasure to make a concert (piano recital) in the hall of Ministry of culture and media at Cetinje.

Besides these professional parts of this trip I must say a few words about Cetinje, town-museum, capital of Montenegro. History significance, old buildings, tradition, atmosphere, kind people, all of that made me feel like in a travel-machine. Plus, water, air and climate on Cetinje completely recovered my mind, body and soul. Therefore I have nothing else to say but to thank Erasmus+ mobility program and my sending institution (Belgrade University of Arts) for this amazing experience and strongly recommend other colleaguess to take a part in this program.

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