The University of Arts in Belgrade was founded in 1957 as an association of four art faculties: the Faculty of Music, the Faculty of Fine Arts, the Faculty of Applied Arts and the Faculty of Dramatic Arts. Today, it comprises 2.700 students, more than 470 professors and 70 study programmes in diverse arts disciplines, on undergraduate, master and doctoral level. With the aim to be recognized as a staging ground for new ideas, the University of Arts has developed specific ways of focusing and directing arts education, unifying artistic and theoretical research and providing a platform for interdisciplinary research. Recently launched practice-based doctoral programmes in arts make the University of Arts an exceptional higher education institution in the Region.

Connecting traditional experience with contemporary innovations, the University of Arts achieves the highest goals, holding onto fruitful principles: strict selection and a small number of students, teaching process intertwined with professional sector, mentorship and the fact that most of the teachers are at the same time prominent artists. At the University of Arts, young people’s talent and creativity are transformed into artistic careers. Students are directed towards their future professions and trained for future artistic practice. Our alumni are well-known artists and leaders in diverse institutions of art and culture.

The University of Arts has profoundly influenced the development of culture and art in our country and the whole region. Being the torchbearer of artistic life, the University of Arts has a decisive contribution in setting up artistic criteria and supporting foundation of other outstanding art faculties in the Region. The bridge connecting artistic practice and theory, individual and group artistic creation, professionalism and artistic freedom, as well as endeavours to connect different artistic and theoretical disciplines in a multidisciplinary way, represent the essential teaching distinctiveness of the University of Arts and ensure its high position among related institutions.

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