MY TEACHING MOBILITY IN GRAZ: Irena Živković, Faculty of Applied Arts

12. January 2023

Irena Živković

The University of Arts, Faculty of Applied Arts

Erasmus+ Mobility for Teaching at:

Technical University in Graz, Austria

Institute for Architecture and Media, Faculty for Architecture

During the mobility, lectures were held for doctoral and master’s students with the following topics:
Materials Science and Engineering- Introduction
Materials classification by the type of chemical bonds and Functional properties
Composite materials Introduction
Composite materials Mechanical and structural applications
Composite materials Design and structural applications
Composite materials Ballistic application
Composite materials Smart materials application
Self-healing Materials

Also, consultations were held with the students on the topics of master’s and doctoral theses from the following area:
PE/terracotta sandwich structure – Marcus Bartaky
Alginate sound insulation membranes – Dominik Hemmel
Composites with alginate matrix and natural fiber reinforcement – Martina Hausegger
Waste paper/starch composites with different coatings – Nera Dzanić
Hemp waste as reinforcement in clay matrix – Michael Schollauf
Alginate/TiO2 nanoparticle composite fibers – Kristian Ristoski
3D printed brick with thermal insulation geometry – Giullia Cipriani
Coextrusion of polyamide fibers with a ceramic coating – Julijan Jauk

Sound conductivity measurements were also made for bio-composite materials produced in Belgrade by myself, and samples were prepared for measuring tensile strength, as well as for viscoelastic properties.

Mobility was very productive with clearly visible results.

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