14. April 2022

We invite you to contribute to the Open Call for collecting alternative methods, tools, and approaches for creating and sharing knowledge which go beyond the dominant ways of teaching, learning and educating in culture and media fields, which we collect within  SHAKIN’ project – Sharing subaltern knowledge through international cultural collaborations.

We are looking for ways of sharing and constructing knowledges which question the usual power relations; which aim to engage all participants in constructing and sharing knowledges; which use artistic, theatrical or kinetic insights;  which try to bring in voices and perspectives from the epistemic, political, and social margins; which experiment with engaging whole persons with their bodies, senses and emotions; which are place-based, situated or grounded in specific territories; which are part of critical pedagogy and decolonial pedagogy; or/and many more. All of what we gather will be part of an online toolbox “Shakin’ the Classroom: Diversifying learning environments” freely available from 2023.

The deadline for contributing to the Open Call is May 20th 2022. You can contribute by filling in the following CONTRIBUTOR’S FORM. If you have any doubts, questions or comments you can contact us:

The SHAKIN’ project is implemented by University Lyon2, the Stockholm Museum of Women History, University of Weimar, Association of Independent Cultural Scene of Serbia, University of Arts Belgrade, and LABA, and is supported through ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnership.

OPEN CALL – collecting alternative knowledge sharing methods

CONTRIBUTOR’S FORM for alternative methodologies of knowledge sharing

EXAMPLE form for alternative methodologies of knowledge sharing