Digital Art

Doctoral programme in Digital Art aims to explore and expand the possibilities of digital technology. The multidisciplinary approach to digital technology is blurring the boundaries of creative media and students are encouraged to exploit this fascinating opportunity. The use of digital video and audio means opens a path to the creation of works of art blending classical techniques with computer animation and digital compositing. Of importance though, the programme is not led by technology, it is about being inspired by technology.

Through lectures, practical work and individual work with a mentor, students acquire the highest level of knowledge, as well as competencies for independent and group artistic creation by means of digital technology.
Duration: 6 semesters
ECTS: 180
Language of instruction: Serbian


A. Core courses:

Digital Animation
Digital Sound
Interactive Multimedia
Digital Video
Digital Image

B. Theoretical courses:

Theory of Arts and Media
Digital Technology
Poetics of Digital Art
New art/New media
Technique of Writing a Theoretical Paper
Methods of Artistic Research Work

C. Research Project

D. Doctoral Art Project

E. Doctoral Art Project Defence


Rastko Ćirić, Faculty of Applied Arts

Đorđe Petrović, Faculty of Music
Aleksandra Jovanić, DA, Faculty of Fine Arts
Ivan Šijak, Faculty of Dramatic Arts
Aleksandar Davić, Academy of Arts in Novi Sad
Nevena Daković, PhD, Faculty of Dramatic Arts
Dejan Grba, DA, Faculty of Fine Arts
Marija Masnikosa, PhD, Faculty of Music
Milena Dragićević Šešić, PhD, Faculty Dramatic Arts
Svetozar Rapajić, Professor Emeritus of the University of Arts