About Summer Art School

The Summer Art School is an exceptional interdisciplinary art programme held by the University of Arts. The concept of the intensive summer programme was introduced 15 years ago, with the aim to connect art education and cultural abundance of Serbia, thus enriching the curriculum and enabling students to deepen their knowledge of art in artistically stimulating environments.

The Summer Art School is structured around a combination of studio work, artist lectures and a final exhibition. The curricula of summer programmes encourage students to explore and expand their creative practices. Many activities are scheduled outside of classes to provide opportunities for students to work with one another, connect in interdisciplinary ways and to take advantage of the vast cultural resources of Serbia.


Since 1991, the program was called the International Summer Camp (ISC), and was held in Pirot. In 2001, the ISC was replaced by the Summer Art School (SAS) which evolved from the original concept. With the initiation of the decentralisation process in the field of art and culture, summer school began its journey by organising workshops in different towns and cities of Serbia.