Prof. Dr. Mileta Prodanović

A prominent artist whose career is divided between visual art and literature; full-time professor of Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade; Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts (2000-2003, 2011-2014) and Vice-Rector of the University of Arts in Belgrade (2015-2018).

He studied both architecture and painting, obtained his MA at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Post-graduate Specialisation at the Royal College of Arts in London and Doctor of Arts degree at the University of Arts in Belgrade.

He is practicing artist, art critic and author of fiction and nonfiction; one of the founders of Belgrade circle – the association of the independent intellectuals and Writers Forum – the association of independent authors; member of PEN Center, International Association of Art Critics (AICA) and honorary fellow in writing of University of Iowa, USA.

He has exhibited extensively across the Europe and the United States (XLII Biennale di Venezia, Rome, Nurnberg, Linz, Budapest, Ferrara, Graz, Vienna, Salzburg, Cannes, Carcassonne, Prague, Leipzig, Thesaloniki, Regensburg, Saint-Etienne, Columbia, etc.) and won numerous awards for his work in the field of visual arts.

His award-winning novels have been translated into more than a dozen languages. He is also publishing essays, reviews and articles art magazines.

In the last five years he has had several solo exhibitions, and won the Politika award – the most prestigious award in the field of visual art in Serbia – for the best exhibition in 2017.

In 2018 he is nominated for member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

Mileta Prodanović is elected Rector of the University of Arts in Belgrade for a period of three years, 2018-2021.



др ум. Милета Продановић, проректор Универзитета уметности