Academic information


The academic year at the University of Arts is divided into two semesters and exam terms take place at the end of each semester.

Academic Calendar 2017-18

Semester Start date End date
Autumn Semester 2nd October 2017 19th January 2018
Spring Semester 12th February 2018 31st May 2018


Exchange students are allowed to take exams during the regular exam terms available within their exchange period. All students must be in Belgrade for the regular exam terms. Students who sit and pass all the exams included in their study plan during the first exam term available are free to leave the University starting on the earliest departure date.

Public Holidays in Serbia in 2018

Date Day Holyday
1 Jan Sun New Year’s Day
2 Jan Mon New Year’s Day Holiday
3 Jan Tue New Year’s Day Holiday
7 Jan Sat Julian Orthodox Christmas
15 Feb Wed Statehood Day
16 Feb Thu Statehood Day
6 Apr Fri Orthodox Good Friday
9 Apr Mon Orthodox Easter Monday
1 May Mon May Day
2 May Tue May Day Holiday
11 Nov Sat Armistice Day



The grading scale at the University of Arts in Belgrade fully corresponds to the ECTS grading system.

Student’s achievement is continuously assessed and it is expressed in points. By fulfilling the exam preceding duties and by passing exams, student can achieve maximum of 100 points.

Student’s success is assessed by grades from 5 (failed) to 10 (excellent – outstanding).

Grading scheme:

Grade Classification Points ECTS Grade
10 Excellent – outstanding 95-100 A
9 Excellent 85-94 B
8 Very good 75-84 C
7 Good 65-74 D
6 Sufficient 55-64 E
5 Insufficient – failed less than 54 F