Exchange opportunities

International students who wish to spend a period of time studying in Belgrade, earning credits to transfer back to their home university, may be able to do so through participation in the Erasmus+ and Erasmus Mundus programmes, international networks and agreements with foreign universities.

Bilateral Exchange

The University of Arts maintains partnerships with many universities and academies worldwide. Through such partnerships foreign students can come to our faculties on exchange. Exchange students must be nominated by one of our partner universities. It is not possible to apply directly for placement. Please contact the International Office at your home institution to find out how to apply. Incoming students are exempt from paying any tuition fees provided that they have been formally nominated by their home institution.

List of bilateral agreements

Erasmus+ KA1

The University of Arts is involved in Erasmus + KA1 International Credit Mobility programme which supports the international exchange of students, academics, ideas and good practice between Higher Education Institutions. Students can study abroad for a minimum of 3 months and up to a maximum of 12 months, and may benefit from an Erasmus+ grant to help with living costs. Staff can spend up to 2 months teaching and/or training abroad, and may also benefit from a grant.

In order for a mobility activity to take place, an inter-institutional agreement must be signed between the participating institutions. This agreement ensures that the sending institution will recognise the credits gained by its students, for activities successfully completed abroad, as part of their degree upon return.

List of inter-institutional agreements

Erasmus Mundus – Action 2

SUNBEAM is an Erasmus Mundus Action 2 – Strand 1 project with the aim to interlink European and Western Balkans universities, to establish a platform for sharing educational paths and implement joint programmes among the universities in the countries of the Adriatic-Ionian Macro-region.

The project offers fully funded scholarships for students, researchers, academic and administrative staff from the Western Balkans to visit one of the EU partner universities.

Project duration: 2014–2017
The application requirements can be found on the website of the SUNBEAM exchange programme