ELIA European League of Institutes of the Arts

The European League of Institutes of the Arts – ELIA is the primary independent network organisation for higher arts education. With over 300 members in 47 countries, it represents some 300,000 students in all art disciplines. ELIA advocates for the arts on the European level, creating new opportunities for its members and facilitating the exchange of best practices.The principle mission of ELIA is to represent Higher Arts Education and to be an influential voice and advocate in promoting the interests of its members. In placing emphasis on the value of arts education and artistic research, ELIA is dedicated to enhance the conditions in which Higher Arts Education can flourish, nationally and internationally.

AUF Agence universitaire de la Francophonie

The Agence universitaire de la Francophonie is a global network of French-speaking higher-education and research institutions. AUF is a multilateral institution supporting co-operation and solidarity among French-speaking universities and institutions. The AUF has 812 members (public and private universities, institutes of higher education, research centres and institutions, institutional networks, and networks of university administrators) distributed throughout francophone countries. It is active in 104 countries,and represented by regional offices and information centres on campuses and in institutes.


UniAdrion is a “Network of Universities” (Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro) established with the purpose to create a permanent connection among Universities and Research centres from the Adriatic-Ionian Region. UniAdrion promotes cooperation among Universities and Research Centres mainly through the realisation of didactic initiatives, such as Master Programmes, Training Courses, Summer Schools, Post Graduate Joint Degree Courses. Courses can also foresee the collection of data and the creation of data bases.The main characteristic of the UniAdrion projects is a multidisciplinary approach, and study courses have been organised on several topics concerning cultural heritage, environment, cultural tourism, harbours and trade relations.

IUC Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik

Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik is an independent international institution for advanced studies structured as a consortium of universities with a mission to organise and promote contact and exchange through projects, study programmes, courses and conferences across a wide range of scientific concerns. Programme directors and resource persons coming from about 170 member universities worldwide cooperate in organising the activities. IUC is open to new member institutions as well as to new programmes.