ECTS and Grades

ECTS system

The duration and extent of programmes and courses at the University of Arts in Belgrade are expressed in  ECTS credits. A full academic year corresponds to 60 credits, one semester corresponds to 30 credits

Grading system

The grading scale at the University of Arts in Belgrade fully corresponds to the ECTS grading system. Student’s achievement is continuously assessed and it is expressed in points. By fulfilling the exam preceding duties and by passing exams, the student can achieve a maximum of 100 points.

Student’s success is assessed by grades from 5 (failed) to 10 (excellent – outstanding).

Grading scheme

Grade Classification Points ECTS Grade Percentage
10 Excellent – outstanding 91-100 A 10%
9 Excellent 81-90 B 25%
8 Very good 71-80 C 30%
7 Good 61-70 D 25%
6 Sufficient 51-60 E 10%
5 Insufficient – failed less than 51 F


Please follow this link to find out more about ECTS and Grading System at the University of Arts in Belgrade.