Upon arrival


From the Airport

Airport Nikola Tesla is located 18 km from the centre of Belgrade.  Transportation from the airport to the city:
Shuttle minibus  line A1
The minibuses run every 25 minutes. The bus stop is on the exit from the Arrival hall. Ticket price is 400 RSD/3,5€ (purchased on the bus, in RSD). The terminus stop is in the city centre at Slavija Square.
Taxi service
If you want to take a taxi at the airport, order vehicle exclusively at the Taxi Info desk, located in the baggage claim area or info stand of Tourist Organisation. After ordering vehicle an officer will give you a voucher for the ride and take you to the first available taxi. At the end of the ride present the voucher to the taxi driver and pay after that. Ignore the taxi drivers accosting travellers in the airport building, they might be scammers and therefore can try to charge you more than usual. The price from the airport to the city centre is approximately 3,000 RSD/25€.

Public transportation

As a student in Belgrade, you’re likely to have to rely on public transport to get around. Our faculties are spread across the city so you might need to travel around while you’re here. The main types of public transport in Belgrade are buses, trams, trolley buses and city train. Visit the City public transportation company website for more information about public transport lines in Belgrade.


Once you arrive you are obliged to follow required procedures for foreigners. Within 24 hours you have to register your residence in Serbia with the local police station. If you are staying in a hotel, hostel or dormitory, registration will be completed automatically, while if you are staying in private housing you should register by yourself in the nearest police station after arrival. If you have contacted ESN prior to your arrival, your buddy will help you with this procedure.

For more information visit:
Rights and Obligations of Foreign Citizens
General entry requirements for Serbia


Don’t forget to register at the International Office and bring the documents provided by your home university (arrival certificate, learning agreement, etc.). Registration at the International Office is usually in the first week of October for the Autumn semester and in the second week of February for the Spring semester. Please note that you are required to register in person—this cannot be done by anyone other than you.


Sign up for classes at your chosen faculty. At the faculty’s unit for international students you will get useful information and guidance, meet your mentor and get full support for settling-in period.


If your exchange lasts for more than 90 days, when you arrive in Belgrade you must apply for a Residence Permit. This is a compulsory procedure for all foreign citizens wishing to stay in Serbia for more than 90 days. You will be asked to present your residence permit to the International Office within 90 days after the arrival.

For all information regarding temporary residence in Serbia please visit the Ministry of Interior of Republic of Serbia.