14. марта 2024

Anja Dosković

University of Arts in Belgrade, Faculty of Applied Arts

Erasmus+ Mobility for Studies at:

Faculty of Fine Arts in Lisbon, Portugal

My time in Lisbon, Portugal, as part of the Erasmus program, has been an incredibly enriching experience, both personally and professionally. I am thrilled to share some highlights of my journey. During my stay, I had the opportunity to immerse myself in a vibrant community, forging meaningful connections with fellow students from diverse cultural backgrounds. This experience not only expanded my social circle but also broadened my perspectives on global cultures, highlighting surprising similarities and enriching differences.

Academically, I delved into new challenges of learning, particularly in the fields of 3D modeling and animation, which I previously had no experience in. The hands-on experience and guidance provided during my time in Lisbon have equipped me with invaluable skills that I am eager to apply to my professional endeavours and academic pursuits. Moreover, my communication with the professors was exceptional. They were incredibly helpful and accommodating, fostering a supportive learning environment. The language barriers posed no significant challenge, thanks to the patience and understanding of both professors and peers.

One of the most memorable aspects of my Erasmus academic journey was enrolling in a beginner ceramics class. This newfound skill not only served as a creative outlet but also instilled a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. I was delighted to bring many of these ceramic pieces home and gift them to my friends and family members.

Beyond the academic sphere, I embraced Portuguese culture wholeheartedly, immersing myself in its rich history, culinary delights, and vibrant traditions. Exploring picturesque cities on road trips with my new friends, lounging on breathtaking beaches, and even trying my hand at surfing added layers of excitement and adventure to my experience. Each road trip provided unique experiences and allowed me to forge deeper connections with my peers. These shared adventures created lasting memories and strengthened the bonds of friendship that I will cherish for years to come.

As I reflect on my time in Lisbon, I am filled with gratitude for the opportunity to be part of such a journey. The memories created and lessons learned will undoubtedly stay with me for a lifetime.

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