14. марта 2024

Ksenija Popović

University of Arts in Belgrade, Faculty of Fine Arts

Erasmus+ Mobility for Studies at:

Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden, Germany

Embarking on the Erasmus+ mobility program in Dresden, Germany, marked a significant chapter in my life. The unique blend of academic opportunities at HFBK University and the diverse cultural experiences in Dresden contributed to personal and artistic growth. The HFBK University’s program played a vital role in shaping my artistic perspective. Exposure to different artistic groups and practices in Germany broadened my understanding of art. Interacting with renowned artists in an international setting expanded my artistic horizons and allowed me to learn from various cultural perspectives.

Living in an international student dormitory provided a chance to connect with people from around the world, emphasizing the power of cultural similarities. Active participation in ESN (Erasmus Student Network)- organized events and parties through Instagram groups facilitated social integration and encounters with people from diverse backgrounds.

Beyond academic pursuits, Dresden’s captivating architecture and surrounding nature provided an inspiring backdrop for personal growth. Hiking with friends amidst picturesque landscapes became a cherished routine, fostering moments of reflection and camaraderie. The proximity of Dresden to neighbouring cities, such as Prague, allowed for convenient day trips, enriching the cultural diversity of my experience. Engaging with fellow Erasmus students inside and outside the classroom provided a dynamic learning environment. Conversations with classmates and peers contributed to a collective pool of knowledge that transcended national borders.

My Erasmus experience, even though only for four months, has significantly impacted my life. The combination of academic opportunities, cultural diversity, and personal exploration has broadened my perspectives and shaped my artistic identity. Dresden, with its unique blend of architecture, nature, and vibrant community, has become the base for, hopefully, similar experiences.

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