MY STUDENT MOBILITY IN PARIS: Bogdan Đukanović, Faculty of Fine Arts

11. јула 2022

Bogdan Đukanović
University of Arts in Belgrade, Faculty of Fine Arts

Erasmus+ Mobility for Studies at:

Academy of fine arts in Paris, France

Beaux-Arts de Paris
Atelier: Bojan Šarčević, Marie José Burki

When I came to Paris, I realized that it was a city where big dreams come true. For the first few cold weeks in January, I stayed at the apartment of my dear friend Cadmiel, whom I had met a few months earlier during the Belgrade Youth Biennale exhibition. With his help, all the challenges of coming to a new environment and contact with bureaucratic phenomena seemed much easier.

The consequences of colder weather and another wave of the Covid-19 virus ruined the ambiance of Paris as I knew it from photos, movies and commercials. However, as time went on and as spring loomed in the vicinity, restrictions due to the pandemic eased and as France opened up to tourists, the city regained its recognizable character.

Before my arrival, my friends told me that Paris is the most beautiful during the spring, I was impatiently waiting to see that metamorphosis. During its first days, parks, streets, yards, terraces, all of them were surrounded by greenery, the colors of flowers bloomed everywhere. It is magnificent to witness such transformations. However, the most beautiful scent of Paris is the scent of culture and successful, satisfied people. The energy circulating in the city encourages and motivates, the environment helps you to be better and persevere in your intention. The stale breath of the closed system disappears with the first walk through the French streets. I will miss it.

During my studies, I spent most of my time in museums, galleries and on the street. I wanted to get to know Paris and the cultural wealth that is in it. The fact that I was able to encompass the entire development of Western art in this city, from prehistoric to the present day, fascinated me daily. Reproductions from books came to life in physical form. Pompidou embraced me, strengthened my deep faith in art.

I am honored to have had the opportunity to be a part of such an institution as the Beaux-Arts de Paris. Their library, which is considered one of the largest libraries for contemporary art in France, opportunities and working conditions, methodology of learning about art, the relationship between professors and students, as well as the freedom encouraged with college students have completed my previous experience of art education which I had the opportunity to gain while studying at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Xi’an, China. Of special value are the conversations with colleagues and professors Bojan Šarčević, Marie José Burki, Arndt Götz, who encouraged me to once again unpressured reconsider my artistic beliefs, take what I need and set aside what I think I don’t. With their unconditional acceptance, staying at the Beaux-Arts de Paris will be remembered as one of the most beautiful experiences.

I soon pack my bags and leave Paris, with the question: Is all the beauty and value of such programs in the emotions that rumble through the body during a retrospective reflection on what is experienced and learned?

Until the next hug,

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