8. јула 2024

Tijana Jokić
University of Arts in Belgrade, Faculty of Applied Arts

Erasmus+ Mobility for Traineeship at:

Faculty of Fine Arts in Lisbon, Portugal

I can confidently say my time in Lisbon has been one of the most amazing and enriching experiences of my life. During my stay, I have had the honour of meeting some of the most intelligent, kind and hardworking people who have taught me a lot, personally and professionally.

Since the entire Faculty building, which used to be an old convent, is based in the city’s epicentre, I was constantly surrounded by Portuguese culture and traditions. The space that they have for the Faculty has been previously restored to the best of their ability to save the original and traditional feel of the convent so that students never forget the history of the space they have the privilege to work at every day.

The workshops are well equipped, with materials and very experienced technicians, which are desperately needed keeping in mind the large number of students that enrol every year.

At the glass studio, I was always welcomed with warm smiles and kind faces by our students and most importantly my mentor for the semester Prof. Fernando Quintas. Professors mentoring these past few months has been truly helpful in expanding my knowledge when it comes to previously unknown materials and techniques needed for working at the glass studio, they also encouraged me to be a part of student projects and group exhibitions. From the smallest details to the important things, the professor has been there for it all, giving every single one of his students all the mental and physical support necessary. Everyone was patient, understanding and accommodating to my every need and question.

Above the academic achievements, I had the opportunity of exploring a completely different culture, language and traditions. All the road trips with friends brought a whole entirely different point of view, from the beautiful palaces of Sintra to the best beaches on the coastline of Caparica and all of the random experiences that come with getting out into unfamiliar places.

I will forever be grateful for leaving Lisbon with the best memories of all the people I have met, the experiences I have lived and the lessons I have learned.

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