MY TEACHING EXPERIENCE IN BELGRADE: Daniel Premec, University of Sarajevo

12. јануара 2023

Daniel Premec

University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Erasmus+ Mobility for Teaching at:

University of Arts in Belgrade, Faculty of Fine Arts


I spent my teaching mobility from 21 November to 26 November 2022 at the Department of sculpture. It was a wonderful experience for me to be in the sculpture department, and to have an opportunity for teaching on to the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. I was happy that I can share my experiences with my colleagues and with their students in the field of sculpture, and to learn from them. When i arrive at the sculpture department building, I was greeted by Assistant Professor Dunja Trutin, who was my guide and support for the duration of the stay. Prof. Trutin introduced me to all professors, undergraduate and graduate students, and shows me all the art studios in the sculpture department.

The core work of my mobility was teaching in practice in the third and fourth year of the sculpture department, students. It was a pleasure and honor to participate in the educational process in classes of professors Mrdjan Bajić and Radoš Antonijević, it was not only experience exchange in our pedagogical practices but also the artistic ones. The organization of all classes and workshops was impressive. Professors Mrdjan Bajić and Radoš Antonijević scheduled a time for students to present their work and have individual student-teacher consultations.  My impression was that the students were of a very high standard and had good learning and working discipline. I think that they are smart, serious, and well educated, and also well prepared for their future artistic career. The class atmosphere was very good, which made the work a true enjoyment. The lecture was organized in the teacher’s room at the building of the sculpture department, Prof. Trutin manage to gather almost all undergraduate and graduate students. The lecture presented was Artistic research work with references to the spatially specific and extended field of activity in the sculptural medium with an emphasis on technical and technological phenomena in the art of contemporary sculpture.

Especially I would like to thank all teaching and student members of the sculpture department for their warm hospitality, Erasmus+ and the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade for giving me the opportunity for this experience. Especially I would like to thank the University of Arts in Belgrade and the FLU International Offices, who have helped me in preparing the administrative documentation for the teaching exchange. I believe that the mobility program will create future opportunities for Belgrade’s FLU and Sarajevo ALU to work closer together, which would be a great benefit to our students. I will probably implement some of the good praxis that I have seen at FLU at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo. I found the whole experience inspiring and very useful for my teaching and artistic practice.

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