31. октобра 2023

Marija Zdravković
University of Arts in Belgrade, Faculty of Fine Arts

Erasmus+ Mobility for Traineeship at:

Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana

My Erasmus+ Art Training at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana was arranged to take place at the Painting Departments during period from 15. October until 21. October.

Prof. Marjan Gumilar was my host for the duration of the stay. On the first day of my staying Mag. Jasmina Zajc from the Office for Postgraduate Studies and International Cooperation kindly introduced me to her fellow colleagues, showed me all facilities and student studios at the Faculty. I felt very welcome. That was my first Erasmus+ mobility experience and I was a little nervous upon arrival, but thanks to my dear colleagues, my stay was very pleasant and relaxed.

Before the mobility, I contacted professor Marjan Gumilar from the Painting Department on the recommendation of my dear colleague and great artist Veljko Zejak, who also works at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design as an associate and assistant at the Department of Sculpture. Prof. Marjan spoke Serbian very well and he was very supportive of my arrival. He also teaches the course Evening Act and we had a lot in common in our approach to students. He introduced me to his students and every day we had talks about art. We were comparing experiences from both Academies. I observed the teaching process in the drawing workshops he held and discussed various aspects of their studies.

I held a presentation of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade and my work, I presented the program of all Departments and invited students to apply for Erasmus program because it is a great opportunity to gain a new experience and share knowledge with students from Belgrade. From my short staying I got the impression that the students at the faculty work a lot, that the professors are very engaged and dedicated.

Professor Marjan expressed a strong desire to visit Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade and I hope that in the future we can expect him as our guest professor at the University. Ljubljana is an extremely artistically rich city and during my stay I had the honor of visiting the exhibition of the great Slovenian sculptor Ivan Zajac on the recommendation of Professor Marjan.

The photographs testify to a fulfilling experience from Ljubljana, my impression of the city, the art and the friendly contact with my dear colleague from ALUO.

After my returning to Belgrade, I had a talk with my students about experience and I highly recommend Erasmus program, because I think it it would be very important for them to continue improving their knowledge in art and make new connection with colleagues from the country that is so close to them and so similar.

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