Welcome Week – Autumn 2021-22

9. фебруара 2022

This academic year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the University of Arts did not organize a joint orientation day, but held individual orientations at the University and its constituent faculties within the check-in meetings with students. In order to stay true to the Erasmus+ spirit and to provide a successful platform for our students to meet and to exchange experiences and make new lasting memories, we joined forces with our partners! In a joint effort the University of Belgrade, the University of Arts in Belgrade and ESN BelUPgrade organized a Welcome Week for incoming Erasmus+ students.

Within our jointly organized welcome for our incoming students, more activities are planned. In the first weekend of November, a trip is planned: Đerdap in Autumn Colors. The trip includes a visit to the Golubac Fortress, a visit to the museum and archeological site “Lepenski vir”, a visit to the Kovilovo lookout point, and a tour of the ethno complex “Kapetan Mišin breg”. Lastly, during the second week of November, organized tours are planned at the National Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art. The organization of Welcome Week and all accompanying activities was under great question due to the epidemiological situation. Most of the planned activities are kept on standby until the last minute.

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