MY TEACHING EXPERIENCE IN BELGRADE: Ana Matić, University of Montenegro

12. јануара 2023

Ana Matić

University of Montenegro

Erasmus+ Mobility for Teaching at:

University of Arts in Belgrade, Faculty of Applied Arts

Under the Erasmus+ Mobility Teaching program, I had the opportunity to stay at the host
institution – Faculty of Applied Arts at University of Arts in Belgrade. From December 5th to
December 9th, 2022, I visited some lectures of other colleagues in the hosting institution, gave
several lectures to students and visit the faculty Library.
I had the opportunity to present the Faculty of Fine Arts Cetinje and Graphic Design
Department, as well as to present specific design projects implemented together with our
students, which refer to Montenegrin cultural heritage. I also presented our other activities,
such as FLUID Design Forum Montenegro and spoke about my design and art projects. I
have the opportunity to speak with students about their master thesis, share new experiences
in specific areas of Graphic Design which are not in the curriculum at our faculty, and share
them with colleagues and students – and vice-versa.
We also evaluated possibilities to develop partnership and mobility between the Faculty of Fine
Arts Cetinje and FLUID Design Forum Montenegro with the Faculty of Applied Arts and
International Student Biennale of Artist Book Belgrade, as well as other potential cooperation
projects and networks.
Although we share similar cultural habits, it is always useful to exchange new professional
knowledge, to meet again those we already know and meet new colleagues. The visit to
Belgrade, was also an opportunity to visit to current exhibitions in museums and galleries.
I would like to emphasize the good communication, coordination and organization of my
mobility by the International Cooperation Department of the University of Arts in Belgrade
as well as by colleagues from the Modules: Graphic Design (Spatial graphics and Poster
curriculum), Graphics and Books, Illustration, Photography and also by librarians at the at the
Faculty of Applied Arts. Special thanks to all students, they made my mobility days more

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